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Voltaggio Consulting, LLC


Voltaggio Consulting has performed needed services for a number of clients in the year since formation. Here are some examples of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Pat O'Hara, President , Cummings Riter Consultants writes:

“Tom's creativity in developing implementable solutions to very complex and contentious environmental issues develops from the wisdom gained from a remarkable 40 year career. Tom managed regulation of extremely complex programs and became of the most respected senior civil servants in EPA's history. We actively recommend Tom's services to our best clients knowing he and his firm will provide them extraordinary capability and value in tackling their toughest environmental challenges. We are proud of our relationship with Tom and his firm.” - January 5, 2010.

William G. Murray, Vice President, URS Corporation writes:

“Tom Voltaggio's depth of experience and knowledge of regulatory agency perspective was invaluable to our client. His suggestions and recommendations were instrumental in preparing the client for agency meetings and in providing guidance for the future direction of their project. I look forward to Tom's continued participation in this work.” - January 4, 2010.

Marcia Williams, Director, LECD LLC writes:

"Tom has a wealth of excellent background in environmental regulations and strategy based on his long career at USEPA. His strategic and policy insights are invaluable in a wide variety of areas involving chemicals and wastes."

Marianne Horinko, President, The Horinko Group writes:

“Thomas Voltaggio is a long-time and extremely well-respected former colleague at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. I have known Tom for two decades, and worked very closely with him most recently in my tenure as Assistant Administrator and Acting Administrator. At that time, Tom was Deputy Regional Administrator in EPA Region 3, and single-handedly managed a number of crisis situations with skill and diplomacy. Since leaving EPA in 2004, I have recommended Tom as a private consultant with superior results from the client perspective. I cannot recommend Tom's leadership skills, knowledge base, and interpersonal capabilities more highly. He is well regarded by public and private sector entities in equal and thoughtful measures.” - January 5, 2010.

A Vice President of a EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc writes:

"Voltaggio Consulting assisted EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc in successfully competing for a major contract with a governmental agency that was new to our company.   Tom Voltaggio provided expert advice and guidance in the development of our proposal response and in the preparation of our oral presentation with the agency contracting officer  and technical reviewers.  Tom's understanding of the agency's issues allowed us to focus our response to their specific needs."

The President of a waste management firm writes:

"Voltaggio Consulting assisted my firm in concluding a difficult regulatory matter which was taking significant management time to resolve. Tom Voltaggio assisted in the development of the proper course of action to maximize acceptance by appropriate agencies and provided valuable advice during the pendency of the matter to help arrive at the best solution available."

The President of a small consulting firm writes :

"Voltaggio Consulting assisted in navigating a path to the most appropriate person in a regulatory agency, and in the development of the proper vehicle to use, which greatly enhanced the opportunity for a successful conclusion to a controversial remediation project."

The Vice President of a large environmental consulting firm writes:

"Voltaggio Consulting assisted the firm in successfully competing for a major contract with a governmental agency.  Tom Voltaggio provided expert advise and guidance in the development of bid materials and preparations for discussions with agency contract officers and technical
reviewers.  His understandings of agency needs allowed us to focus on the most important issues and greatly enhanced our proposal."



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