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Voltaggio Consulting, LLC


August, 2010 through the Present

Voltaggio Consulting, through its affiliation with Dawson and Associates, has been assisting a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) group in interacting with a USEPA regional office by providing guidance and suggestions for getting to a win-win solution with the agency for a major Superfund site in New Jersey.  This scope of the projected cleanup for this site exceeds a billion dollars and there are scores of PRPs. 

Spring and Summer, 2011

Voltaggio Consulting, along with other national experts in homeland security, was retained by the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Center, a not-for-profit organization in Washington, DC, to assess the state of readiness for a large-scale biological attack on the United States. 

Summer of 2010 through the Present

Voltaggio Consulting affiliated itself with Dawson and Associates, a major government relations firm in Washington DC, to provide consulting services in Superfund and other EPA related matters.

Spring, 2010

Voltaggio Consulting was retained by a law firm to perform "expert witness" services for a  PRP  at a site in New York State. The scope of this work consisted of providing expert opinions on the effect of HRS listing.

Autumn, 2009

Voltaggio Consulting assisted a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) group in interacting with a USEPA regional office by providing guidance and suggestions for getting to a win-win solution with the agency for a Superfund site in the Middle Atlantic region of USEPA.

Spring, 2009 through the Present

Voltaggio Consulting was retained by four separate law firms to perform "expert witness" services for four different pieces of environmental litigation. All four of these cases involve alleged irresponsible environmental behavior by the defendants. Voltaggio Consulting provided expert opinions regarding defendants' conduct in support of these cases.

May, 2009

Voltaggio Consulting was requested by the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group) to provide expert consultation to the Government of China regarding the development of hazardous site cleanup programs. A visit was made to Nanjing, China and meetings were held with top technical personnel from industry, government and NGOs.

February, 2008

Thomas Voltaggio was nominated by New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine to membership on the New Jersey Tidelands Resource Council in 2007.  In December, the New Jersey Senate confirmed the nomination and in February, 2008 he was appointed to the Council.   The Council makes decisions regarding riparian lands ownership.

January, 2008

The company has passed its second anniversary and revenues have doubled over the first year.  The client list keeps increasing and the jobs are more varied.  Three exciting new assignments best describe the manner in which the company is growing.  The first was in the spring for a major Superfund Responsible Party that needed assistance in achieving resolution with the USEPA.  Voltaggio Consulting was able to propose the path to resolution to the company that resulted in a major agreement and initiation of a final remedy at the site.  Another client needed an expert witness for a major state RCRA action.  The third is the most interesting.  Voltaggio Consulting is being considered for a "Special Master" position for the state court in a complex hazardous waste cleanup action.   Along with all this, the managment consulting facet of Voltaggio Consulting has developed a significant amount of work for the company, especially with the USEPA through work with the Federal Consulting Group.

December, 2006

It's been a year since formation of the company and the client list has hit ten, with two more imminent.  Two of the newer clients have taken the company into the direction of expert assistance for management and organization of environmental regulatory agencies.  Another has utilized the company's expertise in homeland security to assist them in developing training and reference materials for preparation of response activities to large terrorism events.

April, 2006

Three more clients have signed on to Voltaggio Consulting, including major environmental consultants and an environmental firm which has requested the company principal to become a member of their advisory board. Other areas of assistance include environmental cleanup review at a controversial waste site and securing large government contracts. Other clients are developing work plans for potential future use of the company.

January, 2006

Voltaggio Consulting, LLC opened for business on January 4, 2006. Within hours, an industrial client needed assistance with a compliance problem. Services provided included a detailed analysis and review of the situation, development of recommendations to assure continued compliance and an analysis of policy which resulted in a significant reduction of a proposed penalty.

Please email or call me at that time to see how I can save you time and money with your environmental and homeland security affairs.

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