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International Programs

How Can My Experience Help You?

  • You need advice on an environmental project to determine the best way to approach some of your stakeholders, such as a foreign environmental agency, citizens group, investors, or any interested party. You need someone with years experience to review the information you have, interpret it, evaluate it, suggest alternative positions and advise you on actions you could take to determine the best way to proceed.

  • You wish to train staff or management on the intricacies of a particular field of environmental protection in a foreign country. This training needs to be at a high level and tailored for the particular situation which is causing you concern.

  • You are a consulting company with a contract (or bidding on a contract) to supply technical or policy expertise to a foreign nation, foreign company or domestic company with facilities in a foreign country regarding environmental or homeland security matters. You need assistance to complete this assignment.

Voltaggio Consulting can supply these services.

Call or email at: 856-745-1488 or tom@voltaggioconsulting.com

Read below to see how my expertise can be of value to you.

Summary of experience in this area:

Utilized detailed and extensive knowledge of EPA programs to provide assistance to foreign governments in the development of their environmental remediation, chemical emergency preparedness, homeland security and brownfields programs. This assistance started in 1986 and has continued to the present. Consultations consisted of a combination of invitations to appear at workshops and symposia, as well a detailed and complex, technical consultations for specific projects in host countries.Countries assisted include Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Norway, Morocco and China.

Examples of achievements:

  • In 1988, was requested to work directly for the Director General of Environmental Reclamation in the Italian Ministry of the Environment in Rome to develop a program in Italy for reclamation of abandoned chemical sites. Developed a program based upon a very simplified form of the US Superfund system, which focused on emergency response, site assessment and a very limited remedial cleanup program. This program was accepted and was transformed into a Ministerial Decree and one of the bases for the current program in Italy. Subsequent to 1988 and up until the present time, consulted with the Ministry, ANPA, APAT, ARPA-Liguria and ARPA-Emilia-Romagna to update the progress of the Italian program and recommend fine-tuning based upon developments in the US and Europe.

  • In 1995, was requested to assist the CzechRepublic in the assessment and remedy selection for the Karolina site, a severely contaminated area adjacent to the town center of the city of Ostrava. Was the recognized international expert who had sufficient stature to be believed by all parties in a deep controversy regarding the proper cleanup levels for the site. Led a two person team of a risk assessor and a cleanup project manager and guided the information development, performed the risk assessment and developed an alternatives analysis which provided a range of cleanup alternatives from which the Czech government accepted a remedy to which all the parties agreed. The site has now been cleaned up and is being developed.

  • In 1991 and 1992, was requested by the Hungarian government to perform an environmental assessment of the need for remediation at the BVK Chemical complex, a mercury cell caustic-chlorine facility in Karzincbarcika, Hungary and an assessment of a municipal environmental program in the small city of Békéscsaba. Both projects provided the Hungarian government with expertise with which to make intelligent environmental decisions. In 1999 was requested by the South African government to perform an environmental assessment of mercury contamination at the Thor Chemical facility in Cato Ridge, South Africa. This assessment also provided the government with information from which to develop a proper course of action.

  • In addition to numerous papers given at symposia and workshops regarding environmental hazardous substance remediation and brownfields in Europe and Asia, have given papers on the anthrax cleanup on Capitol Hill to audiences in Belgium and Norway.
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