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Homeland Security Programs

Security Clearance at the time of my Retirement - Top Secret – SCI

How Can My Experience Help You?

  • You need advice on a homeland security issue or project. You need someone to review the information you have, interpret it, evaluate it, suggest alternative positions and advise you on actions you could take to minimize vulnerabilities, prepare you for future threats and save you time and money by the utilization of experience to find the best solution.

  • You wish to train staff or management on a particular field of homeland security prevention, preparedness, response or remediation. This training needs to be at a high level and tailored for the particular situation which is causing you concern.

  • You are a homeland security consulting company with a contract (or bidding on a contract) to supply technical or policy expertise in an area which has been described above.You need assistance to complete this assignment.

Voltaggio Consulting can supply these services.

Call or email at: 856-745-1488 or tom@voltaggioconsulting.com

Here is Tom Voltaggio addressing the meeting  of    the Greater Nashville Homeland Security Conference in 2005, at which he discusses his key role in the USEPA response to the Capitol Hill Anthrax Attack.

Tom has spoken at six national and international Homeland Security conferences regarding this unique experience. 

Read below to see how my expertise can be of value to you.

Summary of experience in this area:

Directed the Superfund hazardous waste site cleanup and emergency response programs in the Mid-Atlantic region of USEPA for 17 years. Developed intimate knowledge of hazardous substance release prevention, preparedness, response, and remediation. Became the leading EPA spokesperson for knowledge transfer between EPA operational regions and the headquarters policy offices.

After 9/11 and the anthrax attacks through the mail system, served as the leading EPA regional expert for homeland security. Oversaw the cleanup of the Capitol Hill Anthrax site, ensuring that this complex and ground-breaking cleanup was performed safely, effectively and in the shortest time possible. I was a key contributor to the EPA Homeland Security Strategic Plan and have coordinated with airport and first responder staff on airport preparedness planning activities. During this period, interacted closely with the EPA Homeland Security Research Center in Cincinnati and the newly formed Office of Homeland Security within EPA.

Requested by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to be trained as a Principal Federal Official (PFO) under the National Response Plan. This position has been established to represent the President and the Secretary of Homeland Security and insure that all the resources of the federal government are provided to the emergency responders during incidents of national significance. Approximately 75 PFOs have been established nationwide. In preparation for mobilization, have consulted with the FBI, US Secret Service and the National Capitol Region office of DHS. Have been cleared at the TS-SCI level as a result of this work.

Appointed EPAs' Senior Federal Official at the national response to Hurricane Katrina. Deployed to New Orleans for three weeks, where I directed EPA's response to its mission assignments to assure appropriate environmental protection during the massive cleanup from the wind damage and levee breaks caused by the hurricane. Served as the EPA point of contact at the Baton Rouge Joint Field Office and the New Orleans Area Field Office.

Examples of achievements:

Managed the nation’s largest bio-chemical terrorism response when EPA was called upon to clean up the anthrax contamination on Capitol Hill in the fall of 2001. EPA was selected by Capitol Hill leadership to assess the extent of contamination and to remediate the anthrax contamination in the entire Capitol Hill complex. Without prior experience or training, EPA performed these tasks and completed the operation to allow for re-opening of the entire complex within 100 days of the attack. Performed the role of principal EPA official on-scene to provide support to the EPA responders and to be the communication channel up to EPA and Congressional leadership. This experience has been shared with others at symposia and workshops throughout the US and Europe. Three years later, when Ricin was detected on Capitol Hill, performed the same function as principal EPA official on-scene.

Directed an EPA team of scientists and laboratory experts to develop and institute an EPA program to assure the analysis of environmental samples from terrorist incidents. This responsibility was given to the USEPA from the Department of Homeland Security in late 2004 and a program needed to be conceived and developed. Tasked by the Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response to provide this leadership and direction. This program is in the final stages of implementation.

Was named Deputy Principal Federal Official (DPFO) for the New Jersey venue of the TOPOFF3 national exercise in 2005. TOPOFF3 was the third national homeland security exercise to test the nation’s preparedness and response to attacks using weapons of mass destruction. Participated fully in TOPOFF3 as the DPFO and was the PFO during various shifts of this week-long exercise. During this intense training scenario, became more knowledgeable of national terrorism response planning and operations, consulted closely with national and State law enforcement personnel and Homeland Security officials and became more knowledgeable of biological terrorist incident response and recovery. Utilized this knowledge in subsequent table-top exercises with airport officials, health departments, law enforcement, fire departments and homeland security personnel for the three largest west coast airports.

Provided executive level EPA presence in New Orleans at the national response to Hurricane Katrina, where prior experience with the Department of Homeland Security was utilized to assure effective mission assignment completion.

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